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Upper Mustang Trekking Information of Nepal

Upper Mustang Trekking Information of Nepal

Upper Mustang is a popular trekking route of Nepal which lies in the remote area with highly preserved by the Tibetan culture. This trekking route is identified as Nepal’s one of the most mysterious kingdom. It is one of the restricted trekking routes of Nepal which needs a special trekking permit to enter this beautiful village. At the time of trekking, we will trek to Muktinath, Jomsom, and Annapurna circuit. This is the moderate trekking which requires no age limit but good health of the trekking to complete the trek. It follows a path that will take you from green pasture to leafy pine forests to arid landscapes and spectacular views of the Annapurna mountain range. On the trekking, the barren landscape is dotted with settlements of whitewashed houses, barley field and Chortens festooned with prayer flags. This valley trek is also known as a mystique valley and the last forbidden kingdom in Nepal

was just recently opened. Upper Mustang Trekking route is an epic circuit loved by travelers all over the world and this is a long trek for travelers wishing to circle the Annapurna massif. Trekking in this area offers good scenery of both high mountains and lowlands villages. In this trekking route, we can get an opportunity to know about the culture, traditions, and costume of the Himalayan region people and their living style also. It is the hidden paradise of Mustang which is the awesome tour that visitor experiences their trekking in their life in Nepal. These beautiful trekking routes bring you into the hidden world of the old Buddhist kingdom of Mustang and get an opportunity to know about Tibetan Buddhist culture, language, and geography. During the time of trekking, we will pass through lush green foothills, barren of the world deepest Kaligandaki gorge, and subtropical forest adorned with rhododendron and other with flowers.

Upper Mustang Lo-Manthan Himalayan kingdom of Nepal

Upper Mustang is located to the north of the peak giants of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna and is so north of the main Himalayan series and physically is part of the tourist desirability of Tibet. In this trekking route, we get a chance to know about the traditions and culture of different local peoples like Gurung, Tamang, Thakali, Bista, and Dhami who are very friendly, hardworking, and nature-loving. It has been considered as one of the globe’s extremely good treks which might be one of the first-rate destinations for the mountain fanatics and natural beauty seeker with boundless cultural variety, splendor view of ever snow-capped mountains and form of wildlife and flowers. The trek starts with drive and easy walking come up with different types of a local villager. The flora and fauna are other treasure that makes the trekking ever more exciting and the forest of rhododendron and another beautiful flower in the trails makes for a natural experience. It is one of the most expensive trekking routes of Nepal because it is a restricted trekking route of Nepal. It is considered as one of the most interesting and picturesque of Nepal. This impressive pass is the most advantageous point on the earth to view the stunning beauty of the great Himalayas. During the time of trekking, we will explore the natural diversity of lush, tropical rice paddies, and moss-laden rhododendron forest to Tibetan fortresses clinging to rocky cliffs. This is physically placed in the north-central part of Nepal and this is said to be the best long-distance hike on the planet. It was incorporated into the Tibetan territory under the most famous of the Tibetan king Songtsengampo. At the time of trekking, we will pass through the beautiful village, Buddhist monastery, and the wonderful views of Himalayan. While doing trekking in this beautiful route, we get the chance to see some ancient and important big monastery in Mustang which has their own spiritual numbs and values.

Upper Mustang is Restricted Trekking Route of Nepal

Upper Mustang is also recognized as one of the world’s best trekking trails according to a survey by modern maturity. Trekkers can choose to make the trip a camp based or a lodge-based. This trek provides you with magical views of the great Himalayas as well as rich diversity unique geography. It was able to evolve its own unique culture and traditions that are so rich and unique. In this route, we can organize both Teahouse and Camping trek. It is the best trekking route where we can find beautiful scenery of the various mountains with their different standing to the structure of Land and culture. The main attraction of this trekking trail is the green paddy field, the lush forest, beautiful villages, hot spring, glacier, and the wonderful views of the mountain. The destination remains untouched and unique as the trail is not as famous as other places in the western region. This trekking route offers you an unbelievable mountain standing on the different faces. In the Mustang the houses are built of whitewashed with firewood tucked on the roof. This trekking route is regarded as one of the best trekking routes in the world. In this treks region the mountains are flawless, the sort of scenery is hard to match and the villages and monasteries you pass offer an interesting slice of Nepali, Tibetan, and Trans-Himalayan subculture. This trekking provides you with varieties of the landscape, several villages including ethnic group and their culture. We will start our trekking from Pokhara to Fly towards Jomsom. This is an old traditional Tibetan village, with rare medieval Buddhist art and culture. This trek is well off the beaten trail, on the long, remote mountain ridges, through exposit forest and traditional villages. The trek destinations are rewarding with the most blissful views, landscape, and weather. This trek is the most beautiful trekking area with a mix of culture and awesome Mountain Views. It follows a path that will take you from green pasture to leafy pine forests to arid landscapes and spectacular views of the Himalayan range. If you want to spend your holidays in Nepal then we the team of Everest trekking routes heartily welcome to our small country and we will make sure that you have a wonderful and memorable time in Nepal with us.

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