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Trekking Company in Nepal

Since 1997 Guide to Trekking, Tour, peak Climbing, Adventure spot trip and Other Packages Operated by Everest Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd. As Affiliated with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering of Association (NMA), Kathmandu Environmental Education of Project (KEEP), and Nepal Government License Holder Local Trekking Agency. The All team works are trained by Mountaineering and Adventures over 20 years of Experienced.

We also carry out precision operated peak Promotions to island peak, Mera peak, Lobuje Peak, Pisang peak, Chulu West Peak and other well known trekking peaks for dare devil adventure seekers. At the same time, we never forget that you are guests, and for us at ‘Everest Trekking Routes ’, guests are almost like gods. Whatever venture you make a choice off, we promise you one thing: you have never experienced anything like this before it will longer on in your memories for a lifetime. All of our crew members are geared towards providing our guest elite services of the highest order, & it’s not only well-known personalized services. This is an attitude we envisioned right from the start, over a half decade ago, helping you enjoy some unbelievable destinations well planned in some 150 itineraries that covers almost all of the Himalayan that extend over the borders into Tibet and Bhutan. We pull out all the stops to ensure you have safe journeys wherever you go, so that you go back home a very happy human being for all the time you spent for planning your vacations with us and Local Mountain Guide Team.

We simply want you to be satisfied staying with us and to go back home safe to tell good stories of your experience with us to your family & friends. We also go the miles to offer such suppleness and choice as we possibly can, making it simple for you to experience a holiday that goes beyond your expectations. This mystical mountainous country of ours sits high on the backbone of the world’s most famous mountain range. There are hundreds of trekking Companies in Kathmandu and Pokhara proclaiming the best services, we don’t do that, we prefer to be more practical & down to earth. Everest Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd began as a small outfit. Despite us being a poor country, Nepal’s culture is a rich tapestry of an ancient history that defies the time clock wherever you trudge. We soon began our own business and today we are self-determining operators guiding our privileged guests into some of the most isolated territories on the planet. All our guides are well Trained Nepal Government License holders and excellent hospitality.