Term & Condition

Term & Condition

Terms and Conditions of Everest Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd.

We require our valuable client for trip booking method and full Information of payment policy systems. The trip-booking terms and con Conditions follow the rule of Everest Trekking Routes which is legal Nepal Government Authority License holder Trekking Agency will provide your Custom trip design and group size plan maker.

Payment Policy

1) After confirming the trip booking process. We will accept from your side a 25% Advance cost of the full board to transfer our company bank A/C deposit. We require you to send us trip preparation a Copy of your Passport, Passport Size pictures, and International flight Details to send info@everesttrekingroutes.com, and will send you a confirmation letter.

If any problem or get more information direct call +977-9843467921 or +977-9843451231 

When the trip is completed Conform will not refund you send us a 25% Deposit if you cancel the plan, because we have owned their 40% Cost loss.

2) If any reason for the problem with the trip Such as bad weather flight wasn’t, the Landslide blocking the road Political Issue making a demonstration, and Nepal Banda which is all closed. Everest Trekking Routes will suggest operating a similar trip instead of that trip and calculate the price of the new trip we will consider adding or Reducing the trip budget. Regularly Permit, hotel, transport, flight, etc.

3) From your traveling, if in case prevent the tour by genuine circumstances for your side. For example without restriction because of injury serious illness or Death they can postpone the trip and transfer to relatives or friends. We would like to see your proof of what is happening case after that can change your trip booking process and discussion for Next departure. It takes a couple of week period to a preparation trip.

Passport and Visas

Everest Trekking Routes will inform all Valuable Clients must have a valid date of at the list 6-month travel return. Then Nepalese visa could be obtained from the Nepalese consulate and arrived at Kathmandu International airport. Nepalese visa figures outsole responsibility of all travelers.

Nepal Entry Visa Fees

  1. a) the US $ 25 for 15 days Visa
  2. b) US$ 40 for 30 days Visa
  3. c) US$ 100 For 90 days Visa

Multiple Entries: US$ 20

Travel Insurance

It is very important Travel insurance must-have for all clients. Because of the undertaking of your any touring Adventure, Moderate, high passes, and any easy tour. The insurance should provide adequate protection for you. Full recovery during the trip departure as Injury, death, and any repatriation expenses such as helicopter rescue and also air ambulance adequate.

Personal Health & Fitness

Personal health and fitness are very important as we require every tour. You should always check our Nepal local GP regarding your health and fitness level before traveling. That would be the client’s responsibility to notify the Everest Trekking Routes of pre-existing basic medical care conditions and personal Disability that might reasonably be expected to increase risk as your basic requirements of medical attention which may affect your travel.

Details Bank

US$ (Dollar Bank Account)

A/C Name: Everest Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd.
A/C No: 01906998650014
Beneficiary Bank: Himalayan Bank Limited, Thamel Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal

———————— NPR Bank Account———————————

Bank Details

A/C Name: Everest Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd.
Swift Code: NIBLNPKT
A/C No: 13201050039093
Beneficiary Bank: Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited (NIMB)
Address: Bhagawati Marg 26, Thamel, Kathmandu
Branch: Thamel, Kathmandu

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