Mera Peak Climbing Permit


Mera Peak Climbing offers unparalleled views of the mountain which is one of the most sought-after mountaineering trips in Nepal. It is one the most destination for climbing starters around the world and it has been providing grounds for mountaineers since its opening. The trek leads through the incredibly remote and beautiful valley with an unspoiled area of the Everest region. Enjoy the excellent views of mountain-like Mt Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, and other beautiful mountains of this beautiful region. This peak climbing is one of the more comfortable and quickest mountains for peak climbing in Nepal and this peak stands at the elevation of 6476m from sea level. It is one of the most alluring trekking peaks in Nepal which is an excellent option if you plan to summit a mountain in Nepal. This peak climbing is located in the northeast region of the Himalayas of Nepal.

Mera Peak Climbing requires a basic mountaineering skill which is technically less challenging than other peak climbing in Nepal. It is an adventure that gives a great opportunity to get high altitude experience in a relatively shorter time where you will visit Hinku valley which is a great trekking experience. Peak climbing offers one of the finest views in the Himalayas and it is one of the most remote trekking areas in the Everest region. This trek is not an easy one and you will require the necessary gear and equipment to make the climb to this peak. Most trekking or peak climbing needs a permit before embarking on the route. So before embarking on this route also, we need two permit cards for trekking in this route which are:

Mera Peak Climbing permit

Climbing permit cost depends upon the climbing mountain in Nepal according to season. Mera peak climbing is one of the most climbed peaks in Nepal which is at an altitude of 6476m from sea level. You will easily get this climbing permit from Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) in Kathmandu valley. The Mera peak climbing permit depends upon which route you choose. There are three routes to complete this peak climbing route 1, route 2, and route 3. According to routes, we need two permits which are local permits that cost approximately USD20. And according to the season the cost of the permit is:

  • In Spring USD250 per person
  • Autumn USD125 per person
  • In Summer and Winter USD70 per person

Brunch National Park Permit

While trekking or peak climbing in the Khumbu region, in most places you need Sagarmatha National Park to permit. This permit card is for the protection of endangered wild animals, medical herbs, and diverse flora and fauna. In Nepal Sagarmatha National Park is the one national park which is situated at a high altitude. The cost of this national park is:

  • Foreigners NRP3000 per person with 13% vat
  • SAARC NRP1000 per person with 13% vat
  • Indian NRP400 per person 13% Vat
  • Nepali NRP 100 13% vat

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