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Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost Details

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost Details

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost Details as Part of Budget to Luxury Moderate Adventure. From Kathmandu to Kathmandu 14 to 18 Days Can Complete. if you take full packages and Buying by Trekking Agency in Nepal. you can get $ 950 to $ 1500 for Manaslu Larke La pass. about these packages you will get transport, tea house accommodation, foods, permit, guides and porters. that is not much expensive to buying because per meal Rs. 500 to 700 and hot dring Rs. 70 to 200 Per Cup as Tea or hot coffee. The Price will be different agency different prices and different services. and also if you are looking for a cheap way and cheap Trekking Company that is also possible but there are quality less. Everest Trekking Routes over 22 Years Guide and leading in Himalaya.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the less crowded environment with the perfect blend of unique nature and culture which can be the choice of many trekkers and who wish to enjoy the peace. The cost estimation will include all these factors plus the minor miscellaneous. Every trekker is demanded to obtain a special trekking permit. This is quite less expensive and more adventure than other running treks. It is a virgin area been opened trekkers just last two decades due to its sensitive border with Tibet. The trek has all the elements of other trekking in Nepal including both Buddhist and Hindu culture. The trekking offers diverse wildlife and lush green vegetation of this area along with the prehistoric culture and traditions experience in this unique experience.

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