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Island Peak Permit Fee

Island Peak Permit Fee

Island Peak Climbing is one of the famous trekking destinations in the Everest region where we will get an opportunity to see the stunning scenery. It is a popular mountaineering program in Nepal as ascending this peak climbing is comparatively easier than other expeditions and this peak also known as the Imja Tse peak climbing where there is no doubt the Trekking peak having drawn adventurers, climbers, and cultural enthusiast for many decades and this peak is a relatively difficult climb. The trek to this peak also walks through the countryside where we immerse in centuries-old Nepalese and Tibetan cultures. Since the summit day involves walks on rocky path and snow trail which is pretty much challenging and interesting at the same time. It is a beautiful mountain peak in the Everest region of the Himalayas which is an impressive and highly glaciated face that emerges from the Lhotse glacier. It is considered to be a moderately easy peak by alpine standards and can be attempted by people with little or no alpine experience. This peak climbing is highly restricted by the government of Nepal that’s why we need special trekking for peak climbing. Without any trekking permit, you can’t even enter this region for peak climbing.

The Island Peak Climbing Permit Up to 6000m. to 6500m.

  • In Autumn USD 125 |- Per Person
  • In Spring USD 250 |- Per Person
  • In Summer USD 70 |- Per Person
  • In Winter USD 70 |- Per Person

The Garbage Deposit USD 500 |-

Island Peak Climbing is an attractive summit that offers a variety of existing routes a wide scope for new lines and it is a must to accomplish this expedition successfully. The responsibility to implement the condition goes indirectly to all individual climbing member as well and to climb this peak climbing, you need two or more trekking permit and the permit are required depends on the trekking destination, the mountain, and the trekking routes. We support eco-friendly tourism so we are responsible to destroy all the garbage and wastage of all peak climbing expedition operate by us and the disposable responsibility is given to expedition operator on behalf of all climbing members and the company itself. This peak climbing trip demands you different permits and first, to enter the Everest region you need a special local permit then after climbing this peak climbing, you need to obtain climbing permits. Enter the route and climbing permits will be operated by the agency along with deal with entire traveling tickets according to requirement and for these permit, you have to submit a copy of your passport and two passports sized photo. This is equally responsible to follow the rule of the mountaineering in Nepal of both operators as well as the member.

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