Dang Hoang Khang Truk


It was my first time in Nepal and my first “long” trek, Rabin and Samuel from Everest Trekking Routes certainly made it one of the most memorable trip for me!

Prior to my booking, Rabin was very patient in answering my many questions. Communication was very smooth and easy. He warmly welcomed me at the airport and introduced me to my guide, Samuel, who will accompany me throughout the 7 days trip. They take care of all the logistics, permits, transports etc. ( there were many check points on the way so permits are essential)

Needless to say, Samuel did an excellent job, very professional and kind to me the whole trip. He is always available to assist, whether it’s to help carry my bag, help me to go down when I have some trouble with the knees, to showing the many animals along the way, or help fixing my shoes, he was always so accommodating, kind and helpful.
All the food and accommodations picked by them were very good and comfortable. Couldn’t have done this trip with so much joy without Samuel, big kudos!!!

Regarding the trek, the scenery is so surreal and varried. Snow capped mountains, glaciers, lush green valley, dense forest, rivers, many animals and beautiful flowers, you get to see it all on this trip. I will forget many things in my life but certainly, Langtang valley will always have a special place in my memories for its breathtaking beauty!!!!

For me, a woman in early 30s, regularly exercise, this was a moderate trek, there was some challenging parts but not that difficult. I don’t walk alot at home, but to complete 6hr walking every day on the trip for me wasn’t that difficult. We also got lucky with weather, clear sky for most days. Even when it’s rain a little and get foggy, it’s still so beautiful and mystic. Also you get to meet other trekkers along the way and gathering at teahouses, where we are served supper yummy fresh cooked dishes. It wad not crowded at all, or so I feel, cause I meat many people at the tea houses but along the way, you don’t really see anyone.

So well, what more can I say, do yourself a favor, book with them and enjoy the trip, you won’t be disappointed!!!

P. s: consider taking the jeep to go there, the road is terrible and many mountain passes with sharp u-turn corners.


Source by: TripAdvisor


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