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Everest Base Camp Trek Permit Fee

Everest Base Camp Trek Permit Fee

The Khumbu and Everest region is the most popular trekking area in Nepal which would probably be the most popular destination but it is more difficult to get to Solu Khumbu. Everest Base Camp Entree Permit start point from Lukla. If you are looking to trek to the base camp where there are various kinds of costs that are involved and a majority of the cost is involved in the list of items you pack. you will experience the wonderful hospitality of the Sherpa people and their traditional lifestyle which will surely amaze you and the tantalizing views of the summit only serve to tempt them higher and encourage them on to further adventure and the trek also offers you the warm hospitality and the incredible culture of the Sherpa people who are the most loved and famous people of Nepal among foreigners and mountaineers. With lots of controversy and dispute, the new local entry permit has completely replaced the old trek permit in the Khumbu region. You will enjoy with Buddhist tradition and culture, warm friendly charming people with their traditional lifestyle, and capture the knowledge of snow-capped white peaks. Foreigner is required to obtain the Sagarmatha national park.

The Permit is two types Khumbu Pasang Lamu Palika and Everest National Park

Local Permit Khumbu Pasang Lamu Palika Rs. 2000 Per Person

Everest National Park Rs. 3000 Per Person

We see most people have a dream to reach on the base of Mount Everest once in a lifetime which is probably the highest peak on the earth. And we will pass through the diverse culture and nature, trekking in Nepal is a lifetime experience. The trek also involves a certain degree of physical risk owing to the rugged topography and this is an existing permit system for entering the national park and without the permit and Tims, we cannot enter the national park. And we will have the permit in the Kathmandu valley in Nepal tourism board and you will need to obtain an additional permit for the Everest base camp trek and a type of cost that is easy to overlook is the cost of the various permit you need to have while trekking in the Everest region. You will get Goosebumps with the thrilling flights as well as the heavenly side views the flight offers and there is only the way to reach the base camp.

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