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Everest Base Camp Trek Leading Mountain Leader

Everest Base Camp Trek Leading Mountain Leader

Everest Base Camp Trek is famous around the world from the Everest region which has become an achievable goal for people from all walks of life and is an amalgamation of spectacular scenery, cultural interaction, and physical challenges. This is one of the world’s most iconic treks and the Everest base camp trek takes us to the base camp at the foot of the greatest mountain in the world. In the trekking time, you will experience the wonderful hospitality of the Sherpa people and their traditional lifestyle which will surely amaze you and the tantalizing views of the summit only serve to tempt them higher and encourage them on to further adventure and the trek also offers you the warm hospitality and the incredible culture of the Sherpa people who are the most loved and famous people of Nepal among foreigners and mountaineers. We need top-notch leaders for our future everywhere, in a corporation, in business, in society, and in our world with talent, excellence, and confidence. And it is not all trekking and sightseeing without an opportunity to rest your tired eyes and feet. The personal sense of achievement makes this trek one of the most unforgettable experiences.

Since 1997 to till as Professional Mountain Guide and Tour Leader Rabin Gurung

Everest region trekking goes through the adventure villages in the Everest region which are popularly known as the Khumbu region. This trek begins from Lukla after 30 minutes mountain flight from Kathmandu valley and there are several trekking routes that you to Everest base camp trek from Lukla. And in case you will not able to fly direct towards Lukla then we will move towards Ramechap which is the new route to enter the Everest region. You will enjoy with Buddhist tradition and culture, warm friendly charming people with their traditional lifestyle, and capture the knowledge of snow-capped white peaks. The trek offers amazing mountain scenery, glacial terrain, high mountain pass, beautiful rhododendron forests, and the ancient monasteries. We will mainly see the Sherpa people who are the local inhabitant of this route and the Sherpa are the people who will help you during the time of climbing and they will become a climbing guide while climbing.

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