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Everest Base Camp Mani Rimdu Festival

Everest Base Camp Mani Rimdu Festival

Everest Base Camp Mani Rimdu Festival is an unforgettable experience in the Everest region where the trekkers trek to the Georges the Khumbu region of Nepal. It is the most popular festival of the Sherpa people that belongs to Tibetan Buddhist and it is not only famous for the high mountain views. This trek rewards you to see the real and ideal culture of the Sherpa people and great Himalayan picturesque views. We will have an opportunity to see the wonderful views of the world’s tallest mountain Mt Everest. This festival falls in the month of October or November every year and in this festival Monks meditate for nine days which is followed by public dressing and the world-renowned mask dance at Tengboche monastery. This trek takes you through the most popular villages of the Khumbu region and encountering the friendliness of the local Sherpa people along the way and the Sherpa people have a rich culture and interesting tradition that must is experienced first-hand. The prayers will be said over many days but for the villagers, the most important part is when they receive the blessing from Rinpoche and it provides unique opportunity to celebrate and to be part of this auspicious event in the Himalayas of Nepal. those trekkers have a short holiday in Nepal and interest to Everest Panorama Trek they can possible to see this festival at Tengboche Monastery.

Everest Base Camp Mani Rimdu Festival is the most vibrant of the Sherpa people which is the holy festival making the victory of Buddhism over the ancient Bon religious or the victory of positively over the negatively. This is the best way to explore the mixture of culture and nature in the trekking region and the main attraction of this festival is the mask dance. This festival offers the memorizing cultural experience, stunning views of the mountain, natural flora and fauna, and cross-cultural association. Along with the serious and intricate dances the lamas also dramatize two abused comic sequences that make the entire performance a grand and amusing event and on the final day of the festival the villagers join in an all-night Sherpa people dance. The dances convey Buddhist teaching on many levels from the simplest truth to the most profound realization. The perfect trekking conditions are something that every trekker to Everest base camp enjoys.

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