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Best Trekking Season

Nepal is the beautiful country in the world where we can see the many beautiful things. There is Hugh scopes of trekking in Nepal and over the few years Nepal has truly made a name for itself as a popular trekking destination. The climate of Nepal varies with its topography and altitude which is ranging from the tropical to the arctic. If you are one of the fun loving, adventure seeking, natural and culture exploring tourist then we the group of Everest trekking route heartily welcome to our small country Nepal. there are five season in the Nepal Summer, Autumn, Spring, Monsoon and winter and from these five season spring and autumn is the best season to trek in the Nepal. The Nepal trekking season is classified as follow:

Trekking in spring season

Spring season is known as the most beautiful season for doing trekking in the Nepal. This season especially lies on the month of mid February to mid June. It is also the time of flowers to blossom and this season all the forest see most beautiful which make our trekking more interesting. This is also the season of the tourist season which means plenty of lodges will be opened. The temperature ranges from 25 degrees high to as low as 6 degrees. The days are warm while the morning and the night can be chilly.

Trekking in autumn season                       

Autumn is also considered as the best time to travel and explore all the hidden treasure of Nepal. The weather is very pleasant and clear so the Mountain View is the best. This trekking season mainly fall in the month of September, October and November. The best season means a lot of trekkers like you.

Trekking in summer season

In the summer season is also very difficult to stay hydrated during the heat of the afternoon in the trekking trails. While doing trekking in this season requires rain gear to combat the heavy downpours and slippery slopes.

Trekking in winter season

Winter treks are the most dangerous trekking while comprising other season. This is the great season for those who don’t mind cold weather in the Himalayan. If you are looking for suitable and incredible scenery which is the best time to trek in lower elevation.

Trekking in monsoon season

During the monsoon season the climate is generally hot and humid and it rains almost every day followed by thunderstorm. Trekking in the rain shadow areas like upper mustang and dolpa can be very suitable for this season.