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Best Trekking Season in Nepal 2020 to 2021

Best Trekking Season in Nepal 2020 to 2021

Nepal is a small country that lies in the Asia continent. This small country is very much popular in the trekking destination. Nepal is doubt one of the smallest countries in the world but it is also home to some of the extreme landscapes. Nepal is an excellent place to spend holidays with your loved ones and bond and also enjoy the beautiful scenery and a lot of the tourist area. While talking about the Nepal season then there are four types of the season which is very much suitable for trekking. The season which is perfect for doing trekking in Nepal is as follows;

Spring is one of the popular seasons for doing trekking in Nepal. It is regarded as the most beautiful season of Nepal because in this season we can see the variety of rare flower blooming at every step of the trekking trails. While doing trekking in the spring season we get an opportunity to see the mountain slopes which is covered with beautiful and colorful flowers and still have plenty of high snow to enhance your photos. This season offers the varieties of the various wild blossoming of colorful rhododendron forests. The flower blossoms and the environment are lush, beautiful, and colorful which makes trekking enjoyable and memorable. This season is perfect for experiencing the almighty mountain views with the national flowers in all the forest. If you are planning to spend your precious holidays in Nepal in the spring season then you will not regret it and you will enjoy the trekking time. In this time we can see the Mountain View is excellent and temperature quite moderate.

Trekking in Nepal Autumn

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Autumn season falls in September to November which offers the most preferred season when the weather is stable, dry, and clear. This season is considered as the best time to travel. It is the best season for tourists to travel or visit Nepal because the summer already passed by and then the winter will just set in. this season offers excellent weather and tempting mountain views. Temperature is moderate which making it is a good time for any trekking. The lush valleys, hills, forests, rivers, and waterfalls you can see the blend of the natural beauty in its most beautiful attire. The sky is generally clear to encounter the wonderful views of the wonderful mountain. The season is the season of the festivals in Nepal this season is known as the season of the festivals because the main festival of Nepal lies in this region. The trail is neither too wet nor too slippery in this season.

Trekking in Autumn Winter

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Winter falls in December to February which offers a great time to trek in the lower elevations. Trekking to high altitude is not recommended as everything is covered with snow and the temperature is very low. The winter season is a great most especially for the people who love trekking in the lower height. In the winter season in Nepal is usually snowfall in the higher elevations with brisk winds and colder temperatures. If you think cold weather is no big deal, then this season is also a good season for trekking. It can be also as a retreat for those who enjoy peace and solitude walking in the warm winter. The morning, as well as night, is freezing and aside from that, the days are warm when there is the sun. The winter treks are only appropriate for such trekkers. The season is too much clod even the sky is clear including periodic snowfalls at the higher rises.

Trekking in Nepal Summer Summer

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Summers fall in June to August which makes trekking conditions unfavorable. It is not so preferred time of the years for trekking. The best part of this season is that there will be fewer crowds on the trails. This season is additionally the rainstorm season in Nepal. The temperature is quite moderate and the mountain views are excellent. This season is very much suitable for the Tibet valley tour. It is usually raining in the evening or late nights making this time of the day wet and cold. The mountain slopes are covered with beautiful and colorful flowers and still have plenty of snow that enhanced your photo. Some parts of Nepal are located behinds the Himalayas where there is almost no rain in the Monsoon. The mornings are generally clear for a walk and you can also encounter fascinating views of the wonderful mountains and green terraces in the hills and less tourist Trekking in Nepal.

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