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Mountain Flight in Nepal

Trip Overview

Mountain Flight in Nepal is one amongst the foremost exhilarating belongings you will neutralize Nepal. Simply organized, you’ll go eye-to-eye with Mt. Mount Everest and the world’s highest peaks at intervals minutes. Nepal is that the home to the best varies of mountains within the world. But there are a unit alternative ways in which to urge even nearer to those summits. The most important domestic carriers operate “Mountain Flights”. Feat Katmandu domestic airfield early within the morning, passengers take Associate in Nursing hour’s flight around the Mount Everest region.

For guests who wish to take mountain flight to the intense. There are unit choices to the charter helicopter and fly into the Mount Everest, taking a brief tour. You would possibly additionally need to expertise hang-gliding, paragliding, paramotor flying, sky diving or maybe participate in relevant coaching courses. The Everest Trekking Routes Operate fair Cost and not any hidden Charge. We will be flying an hour in the air on different air mountain flight enjoying the great views of landscapes. It takes you close to the Himalaya as much as possible which is one of the major attractions in Nepal.

Mountain Flight in Nepal even simply inward in Nepal. Throughout the hours of daylight will give the guests with their initial glimpse of the high mountain chain. And also the Annapurna varies or from the north past mounts Everest, mountain peak and Kanchenjunga. The horizon is a jagged line of high snowy peaks stretching way into the gap. For those guests based mostly in Pokhara, there area unit choices like taking a microlight flight into the Annapurna. This unique experience gives the visitor a quick glance at Nepal’s untamed landscapes. We deliver free mountain flight ticket and a free private transfer to the hotel.


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