Dhorpatan Hunting Tour

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Dhorpatan Hunting Tour is a famous adventure tour in Nepal. In this tour, we can see that the area’s vegetation is characterized by a well-developed mixed-hardwood forest. The tree species include fir, pine, birch, rhododendron, hemlock, oak, juniper, and spruce in many other protected environments of Nepal.  We go to a reserve that adjoins the Myagdi and Baglung districts, just below the Dhaulagiri Range in west Nepal. The reserve begins at 3000 meters reaching as high as 7000 meters. The local people depend on the reserve to meet their requirements of timber, fuelwood, fodder, and pasture.

Dhorpatan Hunting Tour is a restricted tour in Nepal. You need to obtain a hunting permit from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation of Nepal. This single hunting reserve of Nepal aims to meet the needs of hunting for Nepalese and foreign hunters. The most appealing arrangement of chasing stores that single-handedly constrain the world to know the excellence of Nepal is the hunting reserve. There is an amazing array of bird species. The hunting reserve is the only area in Nepal with a provision for licensed hunting.

One of the prime attractions for hunters is the blue sheep which is abundant in the region. This is the only hunting reserve in the country attracting Nepalese and foreign hunters with blue sheep and other game animals. The gateway to the region is the Beni Baglung district in mid-west Nepal. On this tour, we will have amazing views of the Dhaulagiri range, Annapurna, Manaslu Himal, and Machhapuchera. We will have an opportunity to explore the national park and wildlife conservation area where we see rare animals and birds. This is the fact that there is a limited amount of hunting operations in the reserve.

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