Chepang Hill trek - Homestay Trekking in Nepal - Chepang Village
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Chepang Hill trek

Trip Overview

  • Trip Accommodation : Local Homestay
  • Group Size Minimum : 01 Trekkers
  • Maximum Height : 1610m. height
  • Trip Duration : 05 Nights 06 Days Chepang hill Trek
  • Mode of Transport : By Local Express bus or Local Jeep Sharing
  • Trip Location : South Part of Kathmandu
  • Trip Grade : Easy Hiking
  • Total Holidays in Nepal : 07 Nights 08 Days Total Holidays in Nepal
  • Start/End Point : Kathmandu to Kathmandu

Chepang Hill trek trail offers a rare combination of cultural and sightseeing experiences of the distinct lifestyle of the Chepang people. On the beautiful hillsides, you can encounter the semi-nomadic people called ‘Chepang’. Chitwan lies 80kms southwest of Kathmandu, in the Mahabharat range to the north of Chitwan National Park, near the Indian border on the topical Terai.

This is a newly opened trekking trail in Nepal. This trek is part of a national development effort to empower poor, rural communities. The trail offers cultural highlights of one of the indigenous communities of Nepa who are one of the more traditional and less known ethnic groups. They reside very close to nature and seem similar to the Tamang caste yet they have their own language and way of living.

Chepang Hill Trek is the most popular trekking route in Chitwan that passes through the Chepang Villages. They lead a nomadic life which encompasses hunting, digging for wild roots, fishing and traditional style of farming near jungles and have unique settlements, social organization, language, culture, religion, and festivals. Everest Trekking Routes offers an exceptional combination of the culture of different ethnic groups such as Tharus, Magars, Kumal, Gurung, etc who inhabit this area. This area offers many different sightseeing experiences and you’ll be staying in homestays in many beautiful places in – Jungle with panoramic views of superb mountain ranges, flatlands, green forests.

The best time for this trek is February – June, September – November when you are more likely to enjoy their primitive culture, their festivals, norms and, values. However, July & August are okay and trekking can be done but the visibility is not very clear due to rain.

Manual Note :

According to actual plan extend the date on a trip above the custom Itinerary and take private Car or Flight Kathmandu to Pokhara and Pokhara to Kathmandu and also if you need luxury accommodation after your trip that cost will be additional. We cannot guarantee it if weather, road condition bad, and vehicle breakdown mountain acute sickness for trekkers. We will try to ensure that our official schedule trip runs, And if you have more extra days pre-plan then let us inform we assist by your requirement.

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