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Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing awe-inspiring gift of nature and it is ever renowned in the world which is home to the mighty Himalayas.  This climbing trips offer a chance to climb a Himalayan summit and a taste of being in the white wilderness, without burning a big home in your pocket and we only offer Peak climbing in popular trekking destination with relatively easy access to the mountains. One-quarter of them is officially opened for mountaineering activities. These climbing trips offer the great opportunity of adventure peak climbing in Nepal.  It has challenged the minds and bodies of those who have dared for decades among the identified 1310 peaks above 6000 meter, one quarter is officially opened for mountaineering activities, including the ‘trekking peaks’. These mountains are the root of thousands of years of Nepali culture where they intimidate us with their overwhelming size and humble us with their apparent immortality, there are many most popular Trekking Peak as Island Peak Climbing, Mera Peak Climbing, Lobuche Peak Climbing many others beautiful and challenging Peak Climbing in Nepal.

Peak Climbing is essential that participants are in excellent physical condition and have some outdoor background and there is no doubt that peak climbing in Nepal offers the best adventure trekking and trip experience to both experienced trekkers and the convalescence climbers. Many people wonder why a person would risk their safety and push their physical and mental strength just to get to the top of a mountain but it is so much more than just reaching the peak. For the peak climbing, you have the knowledge of the use of ice-ax, crampons and ropes will come in handy before the actual climb begins we will teach you the basics of handling ropes and other climbing devices including safety considerations. By Himalayan standards, there are smaller mountains known as “trekking peaks” which any fit and keen trekkers can climb. Everest trekking routes is a forerunner in organizing special climbing training course at base camp before the summit push.